The Asian Paradise Flycatcher in Gayo Highlands Sumatra

Birdwatching to Big Birding Day in Sumatra on one day trip!

Birding in Aceh

For those who make an attempt to find birds! Whether you are on a short stopover in Aceh - Sumatra or spending a few days in the capital before moving uptown in Sumatra, Aceh Birder can now arrange half, full or multiple day birdwatching trips tailored to your requirements.

Aceh Birding Day Trip scheduled tours is one day or half-day trip birdwatching holiday. However, we also offer the flexibility to pick only a specific day or weekday breaks from within the longer tours. We also offer more specialised trips to see particular scarce target species in one day birding trip. The Birding Day Trip are also available at any time of the year, which can be tailored specifically to your individual requirements. From an afternoon or morning, a full day birding in the field or a fully organised bird watching holiday don’t feel like you are part of the crowd.

For example, if you're in Lampuuk Beach - Lhok Nga Banda Aceh, you available birdwatching Sumatran endemic like Sumatran Babbler (one of Sumatran’s rarest babblers) in just one day birding trip. If you 're in Takengon and only stopped temporarily there, you will have the opportunity to one day birding in the Gayo Highlands to see Sumatran endemics like Sumatran Laughingthrush, one of world’s rarest laughingthrushes.  
The Sumatran Babbler (Pellorneum buettikoferi)

Birding in Gunung Leuser NP Sumatra

All of these provide fantastic opportunities to see a wide range of different birds and other wildlife. We cater for all abilities, from complete beginners who are interested in a general selection of birds to more experienced birdwatchers who may be targeting certain species. We are proud of our flexible approach to birdwatching trips and specialise in novice birders wanting to improve their field skills or add to their species lists. We specialise in helping birdwatchers get more from their hobby. We normally see around 50 - 90 species a day depending on the time of year and we often encounter a scarce or rare bird, which always adds to the excitement on the day.
Bird Watching in Ulu Masen Sumatra, Indonesia

Let us collect you from a location of your choice in the Banda Aceh / Aceh Besar area, Calang / Meulaboh / Nagan Raya area and Takengon / Bener Meriah / Gayo Highlands area, Aceh Birder provide an experienced local birding guide to transport you on your selected tour then drop you off. So do not delay, if you intend Birdwatching in the Aceh Sumatra, please contact Aceh Birder and let your holiday begin!
Birding in Calang (Ulu Masen Ecosystem Sumatra) 

Aceh Birding Day Trip (package half or full day)

1. Bird Watching in Banda Aceh.2. Bird Watching  in Aceh Besar. 3. Bird Watching  in Meulaboh.4. Bird Watching  in Takengon.5. Bird Watching  in Bener Meriah6. Bird Watching in Seulawah (Volcano, rain forest)7. Bird Watching in Geurute (Ulu Masen Ecosystem rain forest)8. Birdwatching in Nagan Raya
9. Birdwatching in Ketambe10. Birdwatching in Gayo Lues11. Birdwatching in Langsa

If you have any questions about our tours or require further information, we will be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us by email: or Join us on FaceBook : aceh.birder or our Aceh Birder Leader:
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f you have any questions about our tours or require further information, we will be happy to hear from you. Give us a call at +6285361481022, or send us an email at or learn more about our 
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Aceh, Northern of Sumatra

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  1. Hello. I am travelling to Banda Ache next week to go to Pulau Weh. I am interested in a day trip bird watching from Banda Ache. Is this possible as I am travelling on my own. My dates are flexible. Many thanks,Sarah.